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AirNav Selcal Decoder

$34.95 each 6 months

AirNav Selcal Decoder enables you to decode in real-time Aviation HF Selcal transmissions.

AirNav Selcal Decoder only needs an HF airband receiver and your Sound Card. No special PC based hardware needed. Just connect your radio to your PC Sound Card using a simple audio cable. Download now and after ordering you will be able to decode Selcal transmissions in real-time.

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Why AirNav Selcal Decoder?

AirNav Selcal Decoder Features

  • Real-time Selcal Decoding
  • Real-time information on the decoded Aircraft (registration, type, company)
  • Manual change of decoded data possible
  • Report Generation in TXT format

The program receives in real-time information from your Sound Card, decodes it and shows you details on the aircraft being received.

Microsoft Windows, any version.

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