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AirNav Live Flight Tracker

$19.95 / month

Live Flight Tracker, the first and only flight tracking application that integrates flight data from the FAA Radar Systems (ASDI) and AirNav Systems worldwide Mode-s/ADS-B network.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to track flights over Europe, North America or any other regions of the world in real time? With Live Flight Tracker, an average of 8000 flights can be tracked worldwide. And now, the best FT software in the market has gotten even better. With new graphics and a brand new user interface, tracking flights is easier, faster and more reliable. You can now track blocked flights, check aircraft registration, see optimized flight data processing routlines, get automatic Airport Weather information and much more. Based on our robust RadarBox technology, additional features include: New flight data source information, auto detection your location, auto save of all application settings, different colors for different flight stages and more frequent screen updates.

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Why AirNav Live Flight Tracker?

AirNav Live Flight Tracker Features

  • Data Sources - United States ASDI and RadarBox Worldwide Mode-s/ADS-B Network (Professional Edition can track flights using Flight Plan)
  • FleetWatch - Fleetwatch: monitor your fleet status H24
  • ADS-B - Fully prepared for ADS-B NexGen technology - integrates ADS-B information
  • All Flights - Airline and general aviation flights included
  • Follow a Flight - Track a flight function
  • Tracking Options - Track flights by operator, airport
  • Graphics - Superior graphics and interface
  • Unlimited - Unlimited number of tracked flights
  • Account Info - Account information window inside the application
  • Low Bandwidth - Low bandwidth requirement / faster downloads of data
  • Weather - Realtime weather (METAR)
  • All Airports - All airports listed even very small airfields
  • Locate - Locate feature: center your map in any city, airport or aviation navigation location
  • Technology - Based on the award winning AirNav RadarBox Technology
  • Share - Share screen shots with your friends
  • Your Location - Automatic detection of user location

Move your mouse over a map and you will see detailed flight information (Flight Number, Origin, Destination, Aircraft, Altitude, Heading, Speed, elapsed and remaining time).You will also see detailed airport and airspace information.

Data comes in real-time from the FAA and is worked 7x24 to provide you with the most reliable flight information available.

These include NOAA, NASA, IBM, Sanford Airport Authority, Calgary Airport Authority, Delta Airlines, Honeywell, US Coast Guard, DaimlerChrysler, TV and Radio Stations and hundreds of Airports, Small Jet Operators and Travel related companies.

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US Edition
(All US/Canada flights)
Monthly - $19.95 / month

Semi-Annual - $59.95 / 6 months
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15 Day Free Trial

15 Day Free Trial
European Edition
(European flights)
Monthly - $19.95 / month

Semi-Annual - $59.95 / 6 months
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15 Day Free Trial

15 Day Free Trial
Worldwide Edition
(All flights in the system)
Monthly - $19.95 / month

Semi-Annual - $79. 95 / 6 months
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15 Day Free Trial

15 Day Free Trial
Professional Edition
(All flights in the system, access Blocked flights)
Monthly - $149.95 / month

Yearly - $1299.95 / year (save 25%)
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15 Day Free Trial

15 Day Free Trial
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AirNav Live Flight Tracker US/European/Worldwide Edition: Subscription that allows each user to run the software with real-time data for up to 60 hours each month. This represents an average 2 hours per day, much more than what a typical user needs. You will be automatically charged at the beginning of each subscription period. At anytime you may request to cancel your subscription.

AirNav Live Flight Tracker Professional - The Professional solution comes with new features (Weather overlays, Fleet Watch and more) and has no time limits of usage per month.

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