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AirNav FS Live Traffic 3

$39.95 each 3 months

AirNav Systems is the market leader for Flight Tracking Software and owns the world's biggest real-time flight position database.

AirNav FS Live Traffic 3 is a three time, MyTraffic award, winning AI traffic add on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Voted by over 9000 voters of the Simflight award, this add on brings the most complete, frame rate friendly AI traffic into your flight simulator.

These two are the best of the best and have now come together to develop FS Live Traffic. And most current version is the FS Live Traffic 3.

What is it about? Simple! Your traffic will no longer follow the published schedules of airlines, as the initial first generation AI traffic products did, or optimized schedules for the Microsoft Flight Simulator world. Now you can jump straight into the traffic as in the real world. Your simulation will initiate for one minute before you fire up Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Every canceled flight, every delay, every extra flight will show up live! Sounds complicated? Not at all. You just need to start a small program that fetches all north american flight data from AirNav Systems servers and starts a converter that creates a traffic scenery file. Once this is done you can start Microsoft Flight Simulator. You no longer waste time optimizing traffic. Go live now.

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Why AirNav FS Live Traffic?

AirNav FS Live Traffic Features

  • First it brings all necessary aircraft models and paints to simulate the traffic in and to North America and Europe / Other regions of the globe.
    For current version included models and paints please visit AirNav Systems Homepage.
  • Second it brings a collection of more than 1600 enhanced airports, which have been tested on many live schedules to support the aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator X that have been found live in hundreds of samples to visit them.
  • Third it brings the software to download the current flight information, and to automatically convert them to schedules. User interaction is neither necessary nor foreseen with this - you cannot be more realistic than LIVE.
  • Fourth it will bring updates to software, airports and aircraft and free downloads of these during the subscription period.

FS Live Traffic 3 brings you a selection of 195 aircraft models, exceeding all other AI packages by far.

Data comes in real-time from the FAA and AirNav Systems Professional Worldwide ADS-B Network. It is worked 24x7 to provide you with the most reliable flight information available.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X and an Internet connection.

All models designed with GMAX use latest Poly-LOD technology.

Worldwide Edition $39.95 each 3 months Order Now 15 Day Free Trial
Europe Edition $29.95 each 3 months Order Now 15 Day Free Trial
US Edition $ 29.95 each 3 months Order Now 15 Day Free Trial

What's the differences between the FS Live Traffic Editions? FS Live Traffic 3 Worldwide Edition - all airline traffic present on AirNav Systems servers included.

FS Live Traffic 3 Europe Edition - all airline traffic present in the European continent (including non-European airlines flying in Europe).

FS Live Traffic 3 US Edition - all airline traffic in the North American continent (including non-North American airlines flying in North America).

How does the payment process work?

FS Live Traffic connects to AirNav Systems server, from where it downloads flight data. Our servers receive real-time data 24x7 from the FAA. Because of this the software is sold as a subscription.

FS Live Traffic is sold as a 6 month subscription with unlimited usage: Subscription that allows each user to run the software with real-time data. You will be automatically charged at the beginning of each subscription period (6 months). At anytime you may request to cancel your subscription.

AirNav FS Live Traffic 3
For Flight Simulator X
File Size: 79.5 Mb

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