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Author Topic: Issues with Flightstick on Airnav RB6 software  (Read 337 times)

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Issues with Flightstick on Airnav RB6 software
« on: June 24, 2019, 04:57:16 PM »
WOW! After MANY posts and tries using AIRNAVS Flightstick, I return it for a refund from Amazon. After purchasing FLIGHTAWARES ( flightstick and installing on my current Windows 10 PC, IT WORKS OUT OF THE BOX using the same Airnav's Radarbox software V6.02.003!!! I have the legacy Radarbox black box which worked OK but FLIGHTAWARES product surpasses Airnav's product and works first time!!

I am getting 20-30 percent more received planes now.

Don't try Airnav flightstick, go to Flightaware!!
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The green AirNav Stick can provide good performance.
If you have strong interfering signals the AirNav Stick can often provide better performance than the Pro Stick Plus.
(signal path is different, SAW filter comes before the LNA on the Airnav Stick)

Seems QC is not quite up to par and it apparently gets a bit hot.

But the price point is very aggressive and i'm sure you could have gotten a new one if you bought directly from them.
(and you got a refund which suggests you could've also gotten a replacement)

Maybe there is also a driver problem for Windows 10.
But i'm surprised the Flightaware Stick would work while the Airnav Stick wouldn't.
It should be exactly the same driver.

It works fine with the default rtl-sdr drivers on a Raspberry Pi.

Runway 31

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It works fine with the Airnav drivers in the vast majority of cases although some users appear to have issues with it for some reason



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FlightStick works ok for me,both in Windows and RPi.


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Airnav FlightStick works fine with windows!
But for some guys how don't know what they are doing.......