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AirNav RadarBox and Discussion / Re: Old Driver
« Last post by Runway 31 on Today at 03:24:38 pm »
There should be no problems with the new drivers.  What version of the software do you use and what version of Windows do you use.

AirNav RadarBox and Discussion / Old Driver
« Last post by Aerotower on Today at 03:11:38 pm »
Hi guys,

Anyone have the old driver? I have tried to install the new driver, but (blue screen).

Two Phenoms on delivery which may interest some.  Out of Keflavik I believe for Stansted are 71011A HZ-SK13 and 71011B HZ-SK14

Morning Terry, thanks again

Morning Ingo, that's them all added in

Thanks again

Is that for a Radarbox or a comstation.  If it is a Radarbox the details are on the disc that come with the software .

If it is a comstation click onto any of the aircraft coming from your unit on Radarbox24 and you will see the units serial number as the feeder.  Alternatively with a comstation assuming your unit is linked to your account click on My Account on Radarbox24 and you will get a grid drop down on the right of the map which will state Your Stations, click on it and you will see your units serial number.  Your password is whatever you use to log into Radarbox24.

If the unit is not linked to your account drop me an email and I will have it linked

Morning Alan
N18UD: Bank of Utah Trustee/Anheuser-Busch Inbev Worldwide
N371FP: Bank of Utah Trustee/Coatue Management/Key Air
If you logs in with your PGANRB***** user/password then no internet connection is needed.


How can I see what is my user / password to log in my station?
Good morning Alan, Tuesdays unknowns:

(many) MILs:

 * 3E8889  RAPTOR                                                         2017/02/21 08:36:26 
 * 3E9ACC  GAF824                                                         2017/02/21 12:48:24 
 * 3E9ACC  GAF824                                                         2017/02/21 14:49:25 
 * 3E9C95  GAF767                                                         2017/02/21 10:13:47 
 * 3E9C95  GAF767                                                         2017/02/21 14:03:36 
   3EAE14                                                                 2017/02/21 14:02:28 
   3EAE14  LASER                                                          2017/02/21 17:45:34 
 * 3F48EC                                                                 2017/02/21 08:52:39 
   3F695D  RACER2                                                         2017/02/21 08:33:23 
   3F695D                                                                 2017/02/21 17:57:51 
   3F695D                                                                 2017/02/21 19:07:38 
 * 3F7209  ACES2                                                          2017/02/21 08:07:58 
 * 3F7209  ACES4                                                          2017/02/21 12:55:47 
 * 3F8A54  ATTACK                                                         2017/02/21 09:23:22 
 * 3F8A54  ATTACK                                                         2017/02/21 10:26:59 
 * 3F8B3A  GUNNER                                                         2017/02/21 14:43:19

Regards Ingo
AirNav RadarBox and Discussion / Re: New Silhouettes
« Last post by RodBearden on February 21, 2017, 06:58:18 pm »
G12T - Grob G-120TP
KC39 - Embraer KC-390
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