RadarBox24 - The First Pure ADS-B Flight Tracker

For the first time the same company develops the hardware and software systems used all the way from the aircraft to your computer.
The data you see is the same used by major airlines, airports and other professional customers.
Unlike with other online flight trackers, RadarBox24 has been developed by aviation professionals.

RadarBox is an ADS-B receiver developed by AirNav Systems.
It is currently the world's best selling and most advanced ADS-B receiver / Real Time Virtual Radar.
RadarBox was designed by Professional Pilots and the first and only ADS-B receiver with a presence in space.
RadarBox has also been used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner project.

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How does RadarBox24 work?

Every RadarBox receiver is designed to share real-time flight data to AirNav Systems servers. Data comes from thousands receivers located all over the world and is processed on AirNav Systems central servers at an amazing rate of over 20 million messages per day. This data is then used in several aviation solutions (airlines, airports and airspace companies), but also aviation enthusiasts. RadarBox24 allows you to access this data in web browsers and mobile solutions (Web browsers, iPad, iPhone and Android devices).

Why RadarBox24 - there are already other similar sites/apps available?

- Continuous network growth thanks to new RadarBox receivers being daily all over the world
- Professional aviation layers including airspace boundaries, NAT tracks and navigation aids
- Full search functionality: search for a flight, city or airport
- Position estimates over remote oceanic areas
- Possibility of saving your favorite locations
- Direct link to liveatc.net: the world's biggest provider of real-time pilot-ATC communications
- Aircraft photos
- Real-time departure/arrival ticker
- Detailed data source information

How to add a new receiver station?

If you live in a remote area we will offer you a free RadarBox receiver. Learn More
If you do not live in a remote area you can purchase a RadarBox receiver online.

Is RadarBox24 free?

Yes. You can use RadarBox24 for free. Enjoy all the features by creating a Free Account below.

Photo Thumbnails

This app shows photo thumbnails (reduced sized photos) of applicable aircraft. The photo thumbnail is copyrighted by its author. When you click on a photo its respective webpage, with a full photo and author information is shown. AirNav Systems / RadarBox24 doens't not own and is not resposible for any of the photos shown.

Does RadarBox24 cover the United States? What other regions are covered?

AirNav Systems receives flight data from both RadarBox ADS-B receiver stations and directly from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Radar System and is allowed to display this data on flight tracking devices.
Data coming from the FAA (green aircraft label) is 5 minutes delayed and ADS-B Data is real-time (yellow aircraft label).
Check our real-time coverage here.