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LV-CXN B737 Aerolineas Argentinas parked at DWC 1900 on delivery no hex as yet. Next stop Barcelona tomorrow?


Evening, the unknowns from today:

391D9C (France, flight id: FJSFE, unfortunately still no luck with the details)

3CC23D (Germany, flight id: DCAWB, back in my area, still no luck with the details)

3D0CE3 (Germany, flight id: DEDDB, D-EDDB C172 Cessna 172P Skyhawk Aero-Clubs Norden/Nordsee e.V. 17274499 airframes, operators Website: fleet: )

3E1762 (Germany, flight ids: AYY103, DIABA, DIABE, decoding error of 3E1766 D-IABE PAY3, very unstable signal from this airframe)

3E6C00 (Germany, flight id: DKGHI, decoding error of 3E6C86)

3FEFE3 (Germany, flight id: DMDCK, received again, no luck with the details)

3FF095 (Germany, no flight id, D-MDMO, DULV indicates, that this is a Flight Design CTsw: )

3FF102 (Germany, flight id: DMJSA, still no luck with the details)

3FF135 (Germany, flight id: DMYWT, D-MYWT according to DULV this is a WT9 AEROSPOOL WT-9 Dynamic Private CN:? source: )

3FF16A (Germany, flight id: DMLUM, D-MLUM WT9 Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic Aero-Club Butzbach e.V. CN? source: )

400AA3 (UK, no flight id, no "active" airframe found)

45ACC0 (Denmark, no flight id, nothing more)

4AC8D1 (Sweden, no flight id, nothing more)

4CA1B0 (Ireland, flight id: RYR9322, decoding error of 4CA1B4)

MIL List:

3E842E  BURNER01
3E9AAA  GAF727
3F8444  GAF007
3F8B92  SNAKE1
3F9B41  GAF777
3F9B9E  GAF008

That's all from today -at least for now. Have a nice evening and a good start into weekend!



Runway 31:

LV-CXN = E0360E, picked it up earlier on the updater but cannot find anything on it yet



Runway 31:
Thank again Chris


Runway 31:
Hi Paul,

Thanks again

4CA831 decodes to EI-ELI A332 which is now VN-A376
4D0259 is unknown to me



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