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Author Topic: New member and finished troubleshooting driverproblem windows7 ultim 64bit  (Read 2810 times)

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Hi, I'm a member since November 2011 when I bought my secondhand radarbox  for 50euro's (a bargain)
It ran well on my laptop (Compaq presario V4220EA and windows XP).
When i bought a new laptop in January (Asus N73 quad-core and Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on board, it didn't work that good anymore. Constantly bsod's when plugging in the hardware. I've read many solutions here in the forum and tried them as well, but nothing seems to stop the problem. I knew, i had to search everyting in the drivers (yes I've tried the latest driver option of this Forum) but at sometime I gave up. Untill today!!
When I looked at the FTDI site, I saw that there were new drivers available for hardware that needs them. So I tried this also, and guess, IT WORKS WELL NOW. I can unplug and plug the hardware whenever I want and the system is stable.
What's the sollution. The drivers from FTDI version 2.08.24 for Windows.
They are WHQL certified (I didn't get any warning when installing)

I Hope that other members can use this information and when I have put info in here that doesn't meet the board regulation, please be free to put them in the right place.



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Thanks, here is the website:
When I installed this Driver for my 64bit WIN 7 PC I had no crashes anymore.