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Author Topic: Can I see Network traffic without the RadarBox receiver connected?  (Read 6482 times)

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Suppose you want to view aircraft at a location where it is not possible to use your antenna, but you have Internet access - for example, a basement flat or a hotel room on the ground floor.

You must have the RadarBox receiver connected to your PC to be able to view Network traffic over the Internet.  Without the receiver connected with the USB lead, you will only be able to view RadarBox recordings.  If you use Radarbox in this way, just leave your antenna at home and connect Radarbox to your PC without the antenna connected.

However, it is always worth taking your antenna with you when you travel, as it is possible to pick up live tracks in the most unlikely locations.  Remember that although signals will be blocked by buildings, they can also be reflected too, so it is better to have some live tracks rather than none at all!