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Bug: Airnav forum attachment download in Firefox 8 compatibility


When I try to download a attachment on Airnav php board, the files (jpg, bmp etc) shows in the save window as save as attachment "Index.php".  Airnav need to upgrade their forum software to be compatible with Firefox 8 and compliant with the official webstandards (RFCs).  I am not having attachment download issues in any other forum or on the bug test site:

There is a patch available for forum admins/developers and has been available since September.

More info here with someone having the same issue:

AirNav Support:
Thanks knight01 we will look into this and get it actioned.

Any update on this?
I have to use IE9 or IE tab Firefox plugin to download the attachments.
I've also tried to download attachments with Firefox 8 on my Mac, same problem.


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