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As there is no recent news... and now for something completely different  ;-)

Screenshot from Neal Arundale's Aisdecoder, a text only program, with additional background information on various ais messages.

SP screenshot of the MTS Reggestroom, carrying one blue cone (degassing, ship just left harbour of Roermond)

MTS Reggestroom (photo Jos Telleman)

Link to Neal Arundale's Aisdecoder:

A VERY useful beta-testing tool.  Thanks for the link.

Although I'm having problems getting it working.  I've setup my AIS Server to output UDP on port 29421:

When I click START in AIS Decoder, I get this error:

Any ideas?

Don't worry.  Fixed it.  AIS Decoder expect the sender to be a UDP Client, no a UDP Server.

Two screenshots from my GoogleMaps/Shipplotter page; inland-ais getting busier,
now abt. 40-50% of the inland ships have AIS on board.

My ais website:
Still a lot of ships send wrong information as wrong dimensions, no callsign, no eta and/or destination, or a fake destination etc.


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