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Author Topic: Do I need permisson from the council to erect a 12 - 15 ft pole with antenna?  (Read 3518 times)

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On a detached house that is.
Thanks John
Johnn -


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It all depends ........  There are loads of odd planning regulations and even 'covenants' on certain houses.  I lived on an estate where the developers had a restriction that you couldn't put a TV aerial on the roof - but everybody did.  A 12 to 15 ft pole isn't actually going to look that big when mounted on the roof.  If in doubt, ask the local authority planning department, but if they say no then you are stuffed.  If you don't ask them, you can wait for them to tell you to take it down - which they might never do :-)

However, if you are in a 'council' house, other rules might apply.


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Ah Thanks Allocator , Ill put it up & see what happens lol :)
Johnn -


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Hi John, just seen this post, if you're not in an AONB/Conservation Area, you'll almost certainly get away with it - if you've any close neighbours, tell them before you do it, it'll usually get them on side (unless you're already at war!).
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Have a look at this link from the RSGB


I have a pole up on the gable end of my house which goes about 15 feet above the roof line and has my RB antenna fixed to it and one end of a wire di-pole for my HF amateur radio. My neighbours did ask about it and once it was explained they were fine. The other end of the dipole sits on a retractable 40ft spiderbeam pole at the bottom of the garden!.

Good luck.



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