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Author Topic: Beta 3.07 Issue carried over from Beta 3.06  (Read 370 times)

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Beta 3.07 Issue carried over from Beta 3.06
« on: October 13, 2009, 04:05:38 pm »
Ok I've just bumped this up from my post a few days ago.  This problem is still consistant with 3.07.  AirNav can you comment on this issue?  Thanks.

I've noticed that when I receive a local contact it will appear on the MyFlights screen but it will not show a photo nor will it show aircraft history.  The only way for this information to populate on the MyFlight screen is if there is a another contact directly behind it that will sort of "bump" the current flight down the list  and then things get populated.  Keep in mind that I am in a very quiet area for local ADS-B or Mode-S contacts so very seldom am I tracking one or more at the same time.  Has anyone else noticed this.  I've been waiting for someone on the general forum to mention this but it has not appeared.  Any idea's or has this been identified already as a bug and on the list?