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Busy Saturday morning in the Cromarty Firth

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Another beta testing screenshot.

When we drove past the Cromarty Firth yesterday we saw there were 5 oil rigs in for servicing, although only two appear to be transmitting AIS.

Q: what more columns do you have in the myships part of the screen??

Changed, Tracked, Tracking, PE, Status, Callsign, Country Flag, Name, Ship Type, Dest, DOB, DWT, Ln, Bm, Dr, Spd, Crs, Hdg, IMO, MMSI, Lat, Long, Country, Cargo Type, ETA, GPS Bow, GPS Stern, GPS Port, GPS Starboard, TypePosFix, DTE Flag, Nav Status, Rate of Turn, Pos Acc

I've suggested adding Distance, so you can sort by distance from home location.

The list looks good!
Distance is nice too; except for plotting ships, AIS is also nice for DX-ing (Tropo Ducts)  ;-)

btw: can it also decode the typical inland-ais messages??
(more info here )

Currently decodes message types:
01 - Position Report with SOTDMA
02 - Position Report with SOTDMA
03 - Position Report with ITDMA
04 - Base Station Report
05 - Ship static and voyage related data


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