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Thanks for opening the forum.  Can we get an FSLive and FSXLive forum too?  :)


Your dedicated FSLive researcher,

Brian S.

Could we have a link direct from within Radarbox to this forum and not having to go via the main AirNav site?

AirNav Development:
Suggestion received and will be implemented within the software.
Also not sure if you know but you can access the forum at

Keep suggestions coming. The more the better! :-)

AirNav Development:
Forgot to answer about the FS Live forum: we may implement it but not in a near future (not in the next 2-3 months).


I am considering to buy this Box. Is the antenna working even indoors? how long does the cable between the Box and antenna run? Is the data coming out of the Box going to the computer in Asterix format, if so, what category? Does the airport library include Philippines airport? Can you provide formal quotation for reference in purchasing? Thanks


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