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HeathrowCam - Support:
The original site is currently down while we prepare the new site for go live.

More details here:

Thanks to all in advance for your support in testing out the site here:

Please let me know on this thread if you hit any issues.


Hi James, I don't know if this if a problem at my end - photos are coming through as they should, but on Live Radar, I'm just getting the same RB display timed at 1208UTC today, nothing showing on it,and after each update, the screen is just the same, now 1436.

HeathrowCam - Support:
Hi Jon, thanks. I was doing some work to set up my RB antenna elsewhere. Ideally I need to add a service status window or simply a message/icon to indicate if the RB is offline for maintenance. Thanks for sparking that idea! James

Hi James, the display is off your RB then?   Many thanks for sharing it with us, and the superb pics.    Being right down in sw Cornwall, it is great being able to view LHR.

HeathrowCam - Support:
Yes, got my ANRB on a dedicated pc running H24 uploading every minute. Now it's all set up and running with the website I'm aiming for zero outages.

All the great comments like your own really makes all the hard work on the site so worthwhile. Thanks for the feedback. James 


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