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Good morning sorry to bother you I AirNav micro box
With the supplied antenna I have a outdoor antenna
Which has a bnc fiiiting is there a cable that I can
My outdoor antenna on to the dongle
Look forward to your reply
I asseme I can order this in amazon but just need
The correct name fitting
Great piece of kit

Runway 31:
You need an SMA female to MCX male adaptor


I'm using this on:


1. You will need a coax with BNC at antenna end and SMA at Micro end.
2. In addition you will need SMA to MCX adaptor pigtail at Micro end.

The MCX socket of Micro is delicate and mechanical pull of heavy antenna cable may damage it in due course.
As the pigtail relieves the mechanical pull of heavy antenna coax, I personally prefer pigtail over solid adapter/connector


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