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I have an existing account and station that is currently operating.  I would like to add a second station to my account, so that I can log into the website and go to "your account" and then to "your stations" and see and flip between both.  I have an old station that is in my account and dont know how to remove that, but that's for later.   Is anyone able to help with this.   My existing station is RB1 that died and is now a MicroRB, the new station is another Micro and both are located remotely at airfields and connected via ANRB 6.00 software.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried to use the ANRB.exe login data of your old, died RB1 with both of the new MicroRBs? This is a quick and dirty way to get the data of your stations available via Website.

As far as I know it neccessary to contact with the PGANRB numbers and serial numbers of the microrb receivers to get the stations linked with your account. The old way in which you were able to do this by your own hand doesn't exist anymore.

As I'm not using MicroRB Alan might have additional information for you.


Runway 31:
Contact as all that is needed is for each feed to be linked to your account.


Hi.  Thanks for the quick reply.  I have tried to contact support but I dont think they understand english.  I have been trying to get a new station organised for several weeks.  The response is very very poor indeed.  The person(s) responding dont understand the product, maybe airnav is using a new call centre and still training the staff.  I will keep trying to get help.  I cannot add a new station, very frustrating.  I have given the support staff everything they ask for but only get a cut/paste one line response and it's a total mess.   Ah well, the joys of outsourced call centres!


--- Quote from: Runway 31 on December 01, 2017, 08:03:06 am ---Contact as all that is needed is for each feed to be linked to your account.


--- End quote ---

Hi Alan, god knows i have tried, I can PM you the email trail and you will be surprised just how bad the support is.  I would love to add an additional feed but the support desk appears to be incapable of understanding my request.   One account and 2 feeds on the account.  Simple right?  Wrong!


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