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Recommendations for airband antenna?

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I'm currently using a discone for airband reception on my UBC785XLT.  I realise I could probably get better performance with an antenna dedicated to the airbands (civilian(120) and military(300)).

So, any recommendations?  Antenna will be mounted in the loft.

Hi Tarbat,

I am using a Rhode & Schwarz HK001 which I obtained on the German Ebay. There is one listed now Item 350072003089. As with mine it requires a clean up and paint  job. A bargain at the moment with reasonable P&P for an item of this size.$file/hk001_e.pdf

For VHF I am using the Solid State Electronics SSE-BASE-128SJ with the Air Band Diplexer DIP2002.AB.EU

Coax used Ecoflex Aircell 7



P.S. The Ebay seller also has the R&S HK002 which covers both air and marine VHF bands.$file/hk012_e.pdf

You wont go far wrong with one of these. I have it and swear by it.


this is a great airband antenna for a fantastic price
i got this over a year ago. it gives you fantastic reception in side a house but outside the house mounted on the roof is were it really shines

So the SSE-BASE-128SJ really is worth buying?


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