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Very interesting.  Just a short scan at the moment using a tiny antenna indoors, but it definitely looks like I've got a strong cell phone signal showing.  I had assumed that living out in the country I wouldn't need a filter.  I've got a selection of USB receivers, 2 generic RTL type and a standard Flightaware Stick.

I think that maybe I'll order the Flightaware Pro Plus with the built in filter to play with.  The maximum range I'm getting with all my receivers at the moment is about 140 miles with the occasional ping from further.

if you are using WIN10 you have to download and install signed windows drivers http://www.airnavsystems.com/Download/ANRB/Drivers/ANRB-Drivers-20161222.zip for the old RadarBox hardware.

- Unzip the content of the zip folder to something like C:\AirNav Systems\Drivers
- after that go to device manager and look up AirNav Systems RadarBox
- Use right mouse click and select driver update
- select manual update and point to the folder with the unzipped driver package
- additionally select Include subfolders
- click on continue to install the drivers

Once the drivers are successfully installed radabox should run again. WIN10 updates or WIN10 revision updates (1-2 per year) usually are not causing any further trouble with the RadarBox drivers.

If you have installed ANRB.exe to Program files location youm must be aware of the fact, that you won't be able to get a stable operatipn of ANRB.exe.

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17-03-2018 Updated file in attach.

AirNav RadarBox and RadarBox24.com Discussion / Re: Database Update Requests
« Last post by AoD on March 17, 2018, 09:05:02 pm »
AirNav RadarBox and RadarBox24.com Discussion / Re: Database Update Requests
« Last post by AoD on March 17, 2018, 09:03:50 pm »
Hi Alan

3D925A   callsign DGBRE
3DB661   callsign DGPHX
4401D0   callsign MJF590
44027A   callsign OEIFU
49C194   callsign OKWUA38
4C0672   callsign YUBTS
4CACCB   callsign EIGCX
846EC8   callsign VNL15VA
AE0A8A   callsign R9226480
AE0BC2   callsign R9326817
AE0BC8   callsign R9826828

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AirNav RadarBox and RadarBox24.com Discussion / Airnav Radar Box windows 10
« Last post by ShaggyPara on March 17, 2018, 06:09:15 pm »
Need Help ,Radar Box 3D Not Working running version 6.01.001,very disappointed usb drivers are not updated regulary to run with windows updates. very frustrated with AirNav Systems  that can not use my radar, only power light showing and none of my fights showing on map & only online flights showing.


Thanks for the info, I’ll take another look at this when I get time.
Yes, each pi feeds just one site.  I did setup an image that fed both FlightAware and FlightRadar24 but the range for both decreased significantly even though it was a pi 3 I was using.

I’ve still got the image on an SD card so I will experiment again, but I’m happy with one feed per pi.

(1) Decoder Software and Gain Settings
Which decoder software you use? Dump1090-mutability v1.14 (provided by Flightradar24) or dump1090-fa (provided by Flightaware).
You can confirm this from output of following commands to Pi:
Code: [Select]
apt-cache policy dump1090-fa

apt-cache policy dump1090-mutability

In the FR24 supplied dump1090-mutability v1.14, by default the gain is set to "max" which is 49.6 dB.
In the FA supplied dump1090-fa, by default the gain is set to "-10" which translate to AGC.

Try different  gain values like 50, 45, 40, 35, 30. It can make a difference if you are using an RF amplifier or a dongle with built-in RF amp like Flightaware Pro Stick.

(2) Interfering RF Signals
In areas with strong Mobile/Cell Phone signals in the vacinity of 1090 MHz, adding a filter between antenna and the DVB-T Dongle improves receptions . In my area I have two Mobile/Cell Phone bands. GSM850 band (centered on 850 Mhz) and E-GSM900 (centered on 900 MHz). These signals overloaded the dongle and made it nearly deaf to weaker 1090 MHz signal. After I added a 1090MHz filter, performance improved greatly. Here is the RF Scan at my location showing these interfering signals. This scan was done using method described in OPTION-2 of this thread:

Do I Need A Filter?

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