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Title: Spanish Airport Info
Post by: EK01 on March 25, 2011, 01:50:49 pm
The new terminal at Alicante airport opened for business on Wednesday 23rd March. It is a vast improvement on the 2 original terminals which have now closed. Much bigger, more stands and more shops.

On the same week, a second runway has opened at Murcia, San Javier airport. It now means that both civil and military traffic can be handled 24 hours a day. Previously, civilian traffic was restricted to the afternoon and evenings with military use in the mornings. It has also been announced, that contrary to popular belief, the airport will NOT close to civilian traffic and revert to solely military use when the new international airport at nearby Corvera opens next year.

This means that from the spring of next year, there will be 3 airports all operating within 30 miles or so of each other. Alicante and Murcia/San Javier operated by AENA and Corvera by a private company. Looks like a bit of overkill to me !