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Title: RELEASED - AirNav FS Live Traffic 3
Post by: AirNav Development on January 30, 2010, 08:05:40 pm
AirNav Systems releases AirNav FS Live Traffic 3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

San Diego, CA, Jan 30, 2010 - AirNav Systems ( ) announces the release of AirNav FS Live Traffic 3, the new version of the award winning Microsoft Flight Simulator X addon.

This application allows any Flight Simulator enthusiast to fly in real-time with real world traffic inside Microsoft Flight Simulator - the new version adds the possibility of doing it Worldwide as traffic from US, Europe and other regions is now included.

More details at:

FS Live Traffic 3 feeds Microsoft Flight Simulator traffic engine with data from our FAA Server Connection and Worldwide ADS-B network. This results in up to 8000 real flights flying with you, Live! Hundreds of airlines models and liveries included by default.

The application is available in 3 editions:
- For North American Users: US Edition
- For European Users:  Europe Edition
- For users in other regions: Worldwide Edition

This is an internet based application so all you need is an internet connection and Microsoft Flight Simulator installed. No hardware needed.

Frankfurt, Germany - by AirNav FS Live Traffic 3:


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