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Title: How does work?
Post by: Johnn on July 25, 2009, 09:55:08 am
Is the camera timed or something or to do with motion when it snaps?
Or someone is there taking shots all day lol.
Anyway, very interesting site!.
Thank You
Title: Re: How does work?
Post by: HeathrowCam - Support on July 25, 2009, 12:05:10 pm

The Canon S3 camera has a live viewfinder. PSRemote (connected to S3) sends this at up to 15fps to Webcam Zone Trigger which has a trigger spot set. When the spot detects the a/c it fire's off a .bat script which executes a command line program supplied with DSLR Remote Pro to release the shutter on the 400D camera (connected to DSLR Remote Pro).

DSLR Remote saves the image to the HDD of the PC. The script then kicks off a Rexx script I created to use ImageMagick to crop and resize the jpeg to a smaller size and thumbnail. The script then FTPs the three jpeg images to the dedicated server before inserting a row to a database on a different server to record the photo number.

The php code running on the web server uses the database to work out which images to display.