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AirNav Suite
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Simple Interface
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Faster, more accurate and easier to use.
The new graphical Interface makes the use of maps very simple.
With just a few mouse clicks, you can zoom, resize and pan your current view of the airspace.
Simple Interface
Microsoft Windows, any version.
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Welcome to the most powerful Flight Tracking and Monitoring application available for the aviation enthusiast.

AirNav Suite 4 is the most recent programming technology applied to Aircraft Tracking. Using this Software the task of tracking aircraft is made easier.

By being able to receive data from 4 different data sources, AirNav Suite 4 will not only work but will also show you in an easy and organized way flight data and track flights with position data. It will even show you photos of the received aircraft.

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Major Features
  • Completely rewritten software and renewed interface
  • New ACARS and Selcal real-time Interfaces
  • ACARS, HF and VHF real-time Tracking and Monitoring
  • Internet Semi real-time Tracking (300 flights/hour worldwide)
  • View photos of tracked aircraft
  • Automatic flight information in Terminal mode
  • Real-time Weather Information
  • Flight data from Wacars databases
  • Information Ticker and Auto Time Set
  • No more need for BDE
  • Backup of database data
  • New Log and Map file formats
  • Sunrise/Sunset views
  • Compatible with all ACARS decoders
  • Multi-Window Tracking
  • New All Heard Aircraft Management
  • Unlimited number of tracked flights and waypoints/flight
  • Accurate estimation of times and waypoints

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